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August 2018, NMK invited top-tier clients to visit Terbly Factory in China, it was an experience that highlighted the R&D and quality control that goes into every Light produced by Golden Sea.

Possibly the most breathtaking aspect of the whole trip was the Golden Sea Lighting Show! Dozens of Terbly fixtures have been used in the design and the result will leave even the most seasoned lighting designers wanting more.
The show lasts only 7 minutes but utilizes the best features of each fixture to create a visually breathtaking production. Read what our clients had to say about this experience:

Christopher Dawson from Mediakraft Electronic Equipment Rental LLC
The informative tour and stimulating description of each product made valuable use of our limited time. It was an absolute surprise and encouraging experience to see the internal operations of the facility. Without Golden Sea's constant attention to detail and technical knowledge, we would not have enjoyed so much.
Products that sparked their interest: G6H Nova, G20 Hybrid IP, G21 Hybrid & GLW370Z

Vijay Gonsalves from Business International Group LLC
The Quality control, and testing was very impressive, we were also surprised at the seriousness of R&D and the manufacturing process.
Products that sparked their interest: The G20, G21, G6H Nova, GLW3QZ,GLW1925

Denis Mhowdawalla from Business International Group LLC
All was good and well organized! We really appreciated the kind hospitality!We got to experience one of the most state of the art facility with very stringent Quality Control and R&D departments.
Products that sparked their interest: All fixtures were really good. Few mentions would be GL20 Hybrid IP, GL21 Hybrid, GLW1925, GLW7QZ, GLW3QZ, G6H Nova!

These Terbly fixtures were used to create this amazing light show, chat to us about getting a demo fixture and seeing how Terbly can be a part of your next event.

G6h nova   

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